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Blude Power Machinery (Weihai) Co., LTD Is a professional company engaged in providing cost-effective electro-hydraulic power transmission and control solutions and components. Our main business is: Danfoss, Rexroth, Parker, Dana and other high-end international brands. At the same time, we also provide high-quality components to replace Rexroth and other brands to meet the needs of high-end, middle and low end of the customer market. The company's products include hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic plunger pump, gear pump, plunger motor, cycloidal motor, proportional multiway valve, plug-in valve and valve group, planetary reducer, hydraulic power unit, swing cylinder, full power hydraulic brake and other components, mainly serving non-road mobile vehicle related industries, Including engineering machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, airport equipment, construction machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mining machinery, Marine auxilaries and special fire vehicles and other engineering fields.

The company has a professional service team, can provide on-site detection, troubleshooting and maintenance services. Fast response time. The company is equipped with hydraulic, transmission comprehensive test bench, can realize pressure, flow, efficiency and other data measurement and curve display, can undertake pump, motor, multiway valve testing and maintenance services.

Provide customers with quality and valuable professional products and services, and win the understanding, respect and support of customers with sincerity and strength.

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