How does hydraulic power steering work?

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How does hydraulic power steering work?

2023-03-22 21:09:07

The working principle of hydraulic power steering is as follows:

 1. In the middle position, the oil from the oil pump is returned to the oil tank through the internal steering gear; 

2. When the power steering is in progress, the oil from the oil pump enters the cycloid wheel through the follower valve and drives the rotor to follow the steering wheel, and depending on the steering angle of the steering wheel, the hydraulic oil is pressed into the left or right chamber of the cylinder in a directional and quantitative manner to push the guide wheel to achieve power steering. 

The function of the hydraulic power steering is to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and to change the direction of force transmission. The steering gear, also known as a steering machine, is a set of gears that completes the transition from rotary to linear motion and is also the reduction gear in the steering system.