BP4VG Closed Circuit Pump


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BP4VG Closed Circuit Pump

Specification: 45/60/75/100/135/175/280 cc/rev

Rated pressure: 380~450 bar

Peak pressure: 420~500 bar

Applied in high-pressure closed circuit hydraulic systems

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Product Advantages

The swash plate is designed with an axial piston variable pump for closed circuit hydrostatic transmission.

When the swash plate passes the neutral position, the flow direction of the hydraulic oil will change smoothly.

Two pressure relief valves are installed on the high pressure side to prevent overload.

The built-in charge pump acts as charge pump and control.

The maximum charge pressure is limited by the built-in low pressure relief valve.

Brand new slewing components and bearings, the transmission efficiency is improved, and the input speed increased.

One-piece design at the rear of the shell reduces leakage points.

Optimized shell design to reduce vibration and noise.

Electric proportional displacement control to meet the application requirements of multiple industries.

45° oil outlet design to optimize pipeline connection.

Optional flush valve, directly installed on the pump body. 

Technical Specs
Displacement cc/rev456075.6100135175.4280
Shaft speedRated rpm3300360033003000285026502400
Maximum rpm3550390036003300325028002550
Minimum rpm500500500500500500500
System pressureRated bar 380400400400400450450
Maximum bar 420450450450450500500
Minimum low
loop pressure (bar)
(Above charge pump)
Charge pump Displacement cc/rev8.611.6272728.33960
Shell pressure barContinuous pressure bar222221.71.7
Max.(At cold start) bar-----5.2-
Suction pressure (absolute pressure) barRated bar
Oil viscosity ≤ 30mm2/s
Maximum bar5555565
Oil viscosity mm2/s10-1000,Best range: 16~36
Oil temperature ℃-20~95
Oil cleanlinessISO 4406 level 20/18/15 or higher
Weight (excluding auxiliary flange)3338586280115179.4


Apply in:

  • Aerial Work Platform

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Concrete Pump

  • Solid Waste Crushing

  • Wheat Harvester

  • Sugarcane Machine

  • Cotton Picker

  • Corn Machine

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