BP21VG Closed Circuit Pump


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BP21VG Closed Circuit Pump

Specification:45 cc/rev

Rated Pressure:420 bar

Max. pressure:450 bar

High pressure closed circuit double pump,which can meet the application requirements of customers for harsh working conditions such as high pressure, high rotational speed and frequent impact.

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Product Advantages

Swashplate design axial piston pump for traveling machinery applications such as skid steer loader.

Compact size, small installation space

Various control modes such as hydraulic control, electronic control and manual control can be developed.

Combination of DA control valve and emergency shut-off valve, etc.

Only one drain port shared for two circuits

Technical Specs
Geometric displacement cc/rev45*2
SpeedRated rpm3300
max. rpm3550
Min. rpm500
PressureRated bar420
Max. bar450
Min. barHigh-pressure side25
Low-pressure side10
Oil viscosity (mm2/s)10~1000,Best range: 16~36
Oil temperature (℃ )-20~95
Oil cleanlinessISO 4406 Class 20/18/15 or higher
Weight (Kg)56

Applications for skid steer loaders

  • Skid Steer Loader

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